“…they’re just itching to get out!”

Back To The Woom is a blog that needs to get much more exposure. It is written by a very smart couple here in Raleigh, NC. The posts are always very thoughtfull and well-researched and the topics range from Ann Raynd to immigration, from capital punishment to harsh capitalism. Always worth your time to read (even if you disagree on a detail or two).
This time, I’d like to point your attention to the latest post – The moral majority is watching your inner child molester:

The implication is that, without the threat of eventual punishment at the hands of an omniscient cosmic dictator, many of us would just abandon all the ethical, social and juridical obligations that had hitherto constrained our behavior. Yep, God is all that keeps you from combusting into a terrible, murderous fury!

It describes what psychologists call the External Locus of Moral Authority. Go and check it out.

One response to ““…they’re just itching to get out!”

  1. Perhaps I am being uncharitable, but this is one thing that often makes me uncomfortable about Christians (at least, Christians who espouse this particular idea). Do they really have no ethical sense at all? If they assume that everyone else will explode into a murderous fury if the fear of God leaves them, what does this say about their own predilections? Yikes.