Plan B

Connect The Dots. Will they ever do anything if not for political reasons? Health? They don’t care… Approval of a Bush appointee? Sure, let’s sign what needs to be signed….

3 responses to “Plan B

  1. Well – a little late, but I just had to comment. I don’t get the negative tone here. Looking at this story I think it is showing politics actually working – somebody actually being forced to do something realistic by political pressure rather than babbling about some ficticious reality. The government “plays with peoples lives” every day in thousands of ways. The FDA is a policy agency so of course politics will be involved and I’m glad. I think a lot of the problems of this administration have been because they aren’t playing politics, but rather acting as if they have the true way so don’t need to get into the sausage grinder and work things out.

  2. Yes, but they are not doing anything realistic, they are just pretending.

  3. Oh Oh… we are at multi-level pretending now, Yikes I think we need some more dimensions to describe this 🙂