Everything you wanted to know about starch…

..but were too afraid to ask. Or, why do I, unlike some people, like stale cookies.

4 responses to “Everything you wanted to know about starch…

  1. Thanks for the link. Some people just like soft cookies! I prefer mine crunchy.

  2. So this is the very first post I have seen here. I came here after seeing you at Ezra Klein’s blog – I had a reccomendation to read you from someone at a different blog so I clicked your name.
    What is interesting is that I, too, am a huge fan of stale, previously crunchy cookies. Although, while I found Lab Cat’s explanation of starches fascinating, it has no influence on my odd cookie preferences. Personaly, I love stale Oreos best, you?

  3. I love stale Oreos, and Chessmen, and Dutch Spekulaas.

  4. Me too! I thought I was alone with my stale cookie fetish! But it’s not just the softer texture, the taste improves also.