Animals with cool names

Animals with cool names (binomial, but cool).
More animals with cool names: Tort and Retort
Even more animals with cool names: That Cyprus mouse is not as unique a find as it was touted in press releases. I was not aware that Balkans were such a hot spot for new species discovery. I thought Josif Pancic got them all!

One response to “Animals with cool names

  1. I used to work with Acomys minous in the 80s. If the newly discovererd balkan species are as agressive and nasty like Acomys (they really bite) I really feel sorry for those who have to work with them.
    A quick test to distiguish wild mice from lab mice: Just put them on a table. The one that jumps is definitely the wild one. I must admit though that it is hard to catch them later again.