I really needed a cathartic moment today….

Mormon Missionaries knocked on a wrong door earlier today. I think their heads are still spinning…

8 responses to “I really needed a cathartic moment today….

  1. Why? Did you give them coffee?

  2. Madrocketscientist

    Oh, come on, tell us what you did to them!

  3. Oh, just unleashed my inner Dawkins…and more.
    Anyway, the way those two guys looked like, they’ll never ever get laid so they need to lead a life of fantasy anyway….

  4. You should have used this line I got from a New Yorker cartoon, and have been hoping ever since I get to use on some missionaries at my door: (said with disgusted look on face and vaguely disgruntled tone of voice, while gingerly handling leaflets like a plate of dog turds) “You call this literature?”

  5. They never got to the literature-handling stage of their project…perhaps their thought-processes got a little derailed.

  6. It’s always more fun to engage them about some of the finerpoints of Mormon mythology – like where exactly did that lost tribe of Israel land when they came to N America and did they really build all those monuments. Or what exactly was the writing on the golden plates and do you ever wonder why there is no trace of them. Introducing cognative dissonance to missionaries is always fun.

  7. Sure, but I never studies the details of Mormonism. I just place them under the broadest umbrella of “religionists” which may be even more insulting than duly noting the existence of their own pitiful little denomination.

  8. Me (a): I was raised LDS. Now I’m old enough to know better.
    Me (b): My mother raised me LDS. The prophet Joseph Smith made me an atheist.
    Me (c): I was raised LDS. I studied the Book of Mormon and the lives of the prophets with all my heart, and I prayed to know the truth. I found the Book of Mormon to be inconsistent with all historical and archaeological evidence, and the prophets to be a collection of frauds, charlatans, and womanizers. I know of no reason to believe in God, and am therefor an atheist.

    I’ve always expected / feared / hoped I would get some argument. It’s been a long time since I have. They usually move right along, expecting, I assume, to find easier pickings elsewhere.
    I was taught – and I believe most LDS are taught – that the for those of us who were raised Mormon, and had come to know the gospel, and had turned away, ‘the darkness was much greater’. That attitude is expressed in many ways, and while it has many bad effects, I suspect it makes my claim that was raised LDS, but found it to be false, more intimidating than otherwise.