Amanda behind the scene

Amanda Marcotte, that is. And there are two way to look at her from the ‘other side’ or ‘not-as-well-known-side’ or ‘what-really-happened-side’: the first is BlogPac Hero: The Amanda Marcotte Story You Haven’t Heard by John Javna and the second is Brimstone and cat spit by Amanda Marcotte.

One response to “Amanda behind the scene

  1. Although Mr. Donahue is a fascist c***sucker, Ms. Marcotte also made inflammatory statements about the accused in the Duke rape case. As it turned out, Ms. Marcotte was 100% wrong in her diatribes and 100% irresponsible, especially considering that many of her comments were made after it became obvious that the case was a crock of s**t. Mr. Edwards should have been aware of her comments before hiring her and should not have done so. He is an attorney in North Carolina and an officer of the court and should have known that her remarks were irresponsible.