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More stuff from SLEEP 2007, the 21st Annual Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies:
Sleep Deprivation Affects Eye-steering Coordination When Driving:

Driving a vehicle requires coordination of horizontal eye movements and steering. Recent research finds that even a single night of sleep deprivation can impact a person’s ability to coordinate eye movements with steering.

Extra Sleep Improves Athletes’ Performance:

Athletes who get an extra amount of sleep are more likely to improve their performance in a game, according to recent research.

Going To Bed Late May Affect The Health, Academic Performance Of College Students:

College students who go to bed late are more likely to have poor quality sleep, which may affect their mental health and academic performance, according to new research.

Safety And Well-being Of Medical Interns And Patients At Risk From Extended Duration Work Shifts:

Working an extended duration shift can pose a risk to not only the safety and well-being of medical interns, but also to that of their patients, according to a recent research.

Sleep-related Breathing Disorder Common Among Aggressive, Bullying Schoolchildren:

Aggressive behavior and bullying, common among schoolchildren, are likely to have multiple causes, one of which may be an undiagnosed sleep-related breathing disorder (SRBD), according to recent research.

Late Weekend Sleep Among Teens May Lead To Poor Academic Performance:

Teenagers who stay up late on school nights and make up for it by sleeping late on weekends are more likely to perform poorly in the classroom. This is because, on weekends, they are waking up at a time that is later than their internal body clock expects. The fact that their clock must get used to a new routine may affect their ability to be awake early for school at the beginning of the week when they revert back to their old routine, according to new research.

Sleep Deprivation Can Lead To Smoking, Drinking:

Sleep loss or disturbed sleep can heighten the risk for adolescents to take up smoking and drinking, two habits that may prove to be detrimental to their health, according to recent research.

Children’s Brain Responses Predict Impact Of Sleep Loss On Attention:

The brain responses of those children who don’t get enough sleep can accurately predict the impact sleep loss has on their ability to pay attention during the course of a day, according to a recent research.

Snoring Children: Poor Sleep Hygiene In Children Associated With Behavioral Problems:

A snoring child’s poor sleep hygiene habits can have a negative influence on his or her daytime behavior, according to a new study.

Chronic Sleep Restriction Negatively Affects Cardiac Activity:

Chronic sleep restriction has a negative effect on a person’s cardiac activity, which may elevate the risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality, according to a research abstract presented at SLEEP 2007, the 21st Annual Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies (APSS).

Sleep Deprivation Is Common Among Members Of The US Marine Corps:

Members of the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) experience combined stressors, including physical exertion and the threat of enemy fire. A research abstract that presentedJune 13 at SLEEP 2007, the 21st Annual Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, finds that sleep deprivation, which can result in fatigue, is another factor that can impair troops’ vigilance and decision-making with potentially dangerous consequences.

Catastrophic Events Can Affect A Person’s Sleep:

A significant disruption of day-to-day life can take place in those areas affected by a natural disaster. One of the more recent disasters occurred when Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast in late August 2005, causing loss of lives, extensive damage, and the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of residents. Disasters such as Hurricane Katrina are more likely to affect the quality and the quantity of a person’s sleep, according to recent research.



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