Blogswarm against Theocracy

July 1st through July 4th. Here are the detailed instructions how to participate.

One response to “Blogswarm against Theocracy

  1. Since my blog is on one topic only, not including religion or politics, I won’t be joining the swarm. Just a comment here about an important ruling at Strasbourg this past week. Norway has a state religion, Evangelical Lutheran. Public schools used to teach Christianity; now they are supposed to teach ABOUT various religions. Not all parents are happy about that, and try to get their children excused from the obligatory classes.
    One case has made its way through all the lower courts and the Norwegian Supreme Court, and the parents lost. Now they’ve won at Strasbourg! The mother says she’d never imagined that by the time it all ended, her little boy would be old enough to celebrate with champagne, legally. It’s going to be interesting to see how the government and the school system respond/adjust.
    Haven’t seen anything about this in English yet.