My new office

Since I came back from California, I’ve been trying to get Time Warner to remove one of the firewalls from my cable connection so I can get into the belly of the beast of PLoS. The wifi in the apartment complex is pitiful. I also tried at Town Hall Grill, but the loading of every page was very slow on their wifi.
The absolutely best wifi in the area is at La Vita Dolce. It is superstong and superfast, both inside and outside, and I’ve been going there every day to do my work. In addition, I just love the place – since new owners took over several months ago, this little cafe has become a center of local community, almost like a little family. Their coffee is good, the cafe mocca is the best I’ve had in years (and I tried, for comparison, at several other places including around San Francisco) and their gelato is delicious. And everything served with a smile.
So, if you want to see me, come by there – my office is the table in the corner, the one closest to the power outlet (so I don’t have to drain the battery on the laptop).

8 responses to “My new office

  1. Thanks for the tip. I a planning a SF trip soon (have been in Davis almost a year without going, it’s shameful) and I am always on the prowl for (free) wifi connections when I am on the road.
    See you there perhaps.

  2. This is back in Chapel Hill.

  3. Well, I guess I then have at least one good reason to visit CH.

  4. Absolutely – the conference in January.

  5. Hey, when AS5089 had a 24-hour outage last week, I ended up doing a full working day in a pub.

  6. Hey… went to the site and saw “market st.” which SF does have but then saw “NC” and was disappointed– not many free fast wifi around SF that I know about. So are you moving to Cali or was that just a visit? Are you visiting again soon?

  7. That was a month-long visit. I may come back for a few days in November.

  8. Hey Bora –
    If you don’t already have one, I recommend getting a Verizon broadband card for your laptop. I have the Express model for my Mac and I LOVE it. I use it all the time, everywhere. Maybe you can talk PLOS into cover the expense for you. 😀