Lunar Eclipse tonight

Here is the time-table if you want to watch the eclipse in the Eastern time zone:
As you can see, it is very late at night, and much of the good stuff is happening after dawn. Perhaps in other time zones, the eclipse will look better, so check out the timelines here.

2 responses to “Lunar Eclipse tonight

  1. Wish I were there to see it! According to a science blogger at a Norwegian newspaper, the eclipse won’t be visible from Europe 😦
    FWIW it happens on Tuesday the 28th at 11.52 13.22 Norwegian time. Sooo disappointing as right now, just 10 hours earlier, it’s a rare clear night here in western Norway, with a gorgeous moon.

  2. I missed it – I overslept, then had to deal with kids and dragging them to school. Darn.