Image and Meaning

If I was not already scheduled to appear on a panel in Wisconsin at the same time, I would have loved to go to this:

The fourth Image and Meaning workshop, IM2.4, part of the Envisioning Science Program at Harvard’s IIC will be held Oct. 25 and 26, 2007, Thursday and Friday, at the Hilles library on the Harvard campus. Application deadline is September 17, 2007
Scientists, graphic designers, writers, animators and others are invited to join us and LEARN FROM EACH OTHER while exploring solutions to problems in the visual expression of concepts and data in science and engineering. This will be a workshop in the truest sense: small, interdisciplinary groups discussing and working collaboratively to tackle challenges created by the participants themselves.
Experience gained from three highly successful workshops around the country over the past year will inform the structure of the October program to be hosted by Harvard. Previous participants have told us in their evaluations that they have found useful connections between fields as well as new ways of looking at and solving problems in their own work. We are confident it will be so again in IM2.4, the last of the IM2.x cycle of workshops presented with major funding from the National Science Foundation.
Because of the immersive nature of the workshop, it will be imperative for each participant to attend the entire program, from the opening session at 3 PM Thursday, October 25, through the evening and a full day Friday, October 26. Four meals will be provided. The cost is $150 per person for non-Harvard participants.
Information can be found at: Click on ‘How to Participate’ in the left navigation bar. For further information, please contact Ruth Goodman, Program Manager:
We encourage you to spread the word to your students and colleagues.

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  1. What event will you be at in Wisconsin in October? Speaking as a Badger State guy.