Less you sleep, craziest the dreams!

There is an intriguing article in Scientific American about the consequences of sleep deprivation. When the brain is finally allowed to catch up with sleep, it tries to make-up for the loss of slow-wave sleep, but it also tries to make up for the loss of REM sleep as well – by making it more intense! As a result, the dreams are like scenes from something like “Jumanji” – wild animals running around and other crazy stuff. A very good article about various ideas on the function of sleep and dreams.

3 responses to “Less you sleep, craziest the dreams!

  1. No wonder my dreams are like action movies on the weekends when I can sleep in.

  2. Exactly the same as Novathecat- and I thought that was a bizarre glitch of mine, go figure…

  3. That’s because we need REM sleep as much as slow-wave sleep to de-arouse stress and keep our instincts intact!