Good wine

Last Wednesday I went to Wine Authorities, the new wine store in Durham, for our monthly Durham Blogger Meetup.
Afterwards, I could not help it but go home with three new bottles of wine. The best is the one I tried from the Enomatic machine at the back of the store – 2005 Fleurie, Granits des Moriers (Jacky Piret), a gorgeous Spanish version of a Burgundy.
Since Thursday and Friday were crazy (on Thursday I spent 12 hours online monitoring the media and blog responses to the Nigersaurus paper and unveiling) and I was teaching on Saturday morning, we finally managed to have a nice dinner to try the wine with last night. Candle-lit:


3 responses to “Good wine

  1. Is that clam stew? Looks good.

  2. It is beef stew – the first course. I was too busy eating afterwards to take any more pictures.

  3. Also, Lenore was at the meetup and explains how the enomatic machine works.