Sleep News

All-Nighters Equal Lower Grades:

With end-of-semester finals looming, here’s an exam question: Will pulling an all-nighter actually help you score well? To the dismay of college students everywhere, the correct answer is “no.”

Morning Jolt Of Caffeine Might Mask Serious Sleep Problems:

With the holiday season’s hustle and bustle in full swing, most of us will race to our favorite coffee shop to get that caffeine boost to make it through the day. However, that daily jolt that we crave might be the reason we need the caffeine in the first place.

Insufficient Sleep Raises Risk Of Diabetes, Study Suggests:

The most common factors believed to contribute to diabetes are a decreased amount of physical activity and access to highly palatable processed foods. However, there is growing evidence that another aspect of our modern lifestyle, short sleep duration, is also contributing toward the “diabetes epidemic”, according to a new study.

2 responses to “Sleep News

  1. Regarding the sleep survey: Rather than concluding that all-nighters lead to lower grades, is it not possible that poor study habits, like leaving things to the night before, lead to lower grades?
    (I personally think that sleep deprivation makes you stupid, but in this case it sounds like they made the conclusion before a proper analysis of all the variables…)

  2. I love any news about sleeping behaviour… this is a very interesting subject