The New Primitives

This year I have no time to follow even the Democratic primary race (in which I am interested) and am certainly not going to waste my time on the GOP race. I took a brief look once they all announced and picked up some news here and there on the blogs or NPR, and realized they are just a circus car full of clowns.
But I could not resist reading (thanks, Ed) this WSJ commentary on the reception of the Romney religion speech by his target audience, the hopelessly brainwashed:
Romney Address Wins Mixed Evangelical Reviews:

Some Christians didn’t want to hear such preaching about plurality. The speech didn’t win the vote of Republican Steve Carlson, a Pentecostal Christian and a consultant for the nonprofit voter-education organization Iowa Christian Alliance. “If my choice is between Mike Huckabee, who I know is saved, and Gov. Romney, who as a Mormon…I’m going to pick Mike Huckabee,” Mr. Carlson said.

Sure they don’t want to hear about plurality – it’s their way or highway. They were never interested in tolerance and why should they change now?

A sizeable group of voters remain mystified by Mormonism. Bernie Hayes, a 52-year-old from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, said he finds the religion’s tenets illogical and too different from mainstream Christianity. “I don’t want a president who believes something so off-base,” he said. The fact that Mr. Romney doesn’t want to discuss his faith “makes it worse,” said Mr. Hayes, who supports Mr. Huckabee.

Oh, Mr.Hayes, and when was the last time your religion met logic? And you support a Creationist without your head exploding?

“I don’t think it answered any questions about the Mormon religion and how it plays into his candidacy,” said Joe Mack, director of the office of public policy for the South Carolina office of the Southern Baptist Convention. “I’m not sure it changed the minds of South Carolina Baptists.” Mr. Mack said he will choose a candidate based on where he stands on abortion issues.

We now know the subject of Mr.Mack’s recurring nightmares – vagina dentata. He is eager to put those scary women back into shackles so he can make sure that her sacred blastocyst officially becomes his.

Janis Groves, a Baptist from Bryan, Texas, who attended the address, was pleased that Mr. Romney didn’t delve into specifics. “No,” Ms. Groves, 59 years old, said curtly when asked if she wanted to learn more about the religion. “We are leery.”

Leery? Word.

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  1. And to think, just a few days ago I was imagining that the religious thing was beginning to fade back. How foolish of me. The Existentialist Cowboy has some pretty good anti-theocracy arguements in his most recent post, if you need some .