Science Blogging Conference – who is coming? (North Carolinians)

2008NCSBClogo200.pngThere are 13 days until the Science Blogging Conference. We have 220 registered participants and the registration is now closed.
The anthology should be published in time for the event. Between now and the conference, I am highlighting some of the people who will be there, for you to meet in person if you register in time.
Frank Bell of Bell Associates Inte4rnational Llc, Rayetta Henderson, a toxicologist and journalist and John White of NC will be there.
If you are registered, you will get to meet them in person very soon.
Now is the good time to:
Find and exchange information about hotels, rides, etc. Do you want to share a room? Will you have a car with you then and there? Please offer to give others a ride by editing that wiki page.
Sign up for one of the remaining slots for the Friday afternoon (1pm – 4pm) Lab Tours by editing the wiki page.
Sign up for one of the remaining slots for the Friday morning Blogging Skills Sessions, either the beggining blogging or advanced blogging session.
Sign up for the Friday dinner by editing that wiki page.
Sign up to help in some other way by editing the Volunteer page.
Visit our Sponsors page to see who is making this all possible.
Write a blog post about it and see what others have already written so far.
Go to the Program page and start adding your questions, ideas and comments to the individual session pages.
Get updates and get in touch with other participants via our Facebook Event group (I see that some who originally responded “Maybe attending” are now registered).
Please use ‘’ as your tag when writing blog posts about it or uploading pictures.

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