Fried Smelt

This morning I had to get up early to go and give my interview for Radio Belgrade 1, at the same time when my Radio Belgrade 2 interview was on. This one will be broadcast in ten days or so. All the radio interviews will be recorded and placed on the web so I can link to it later. Afterwards, my Mom and I went to visit the graves of my Father and grandparents, did some shopping, and ended up in “Polet”, an ancient and excellent seafood restaurant in the middle of Belgrade, where we had, traditionally, fried smelt (or pilchard):

2 responses to “Fried Smelt

  1. Oh, yes, it is Smelt Fry season here in Minnesota as well!!! Yay!!!

  2. And suddenly i’m homesick. Going smelting during the right full moon of spring was a staple of my childhood.