There is a huge forest fire raging in Eastern North Carolina, unfortunately affecting the Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge. The smoke has now moved more than 100 miles to the west, which means right here. It’s been stinking of smoke all day, getting worse and worse as time went on. And it appears it will not get any better soon.

One response to “Smoke

  1. What’s interesting (amongst other things!) is the total lack of photgraphs.
    Usually both the media (and bloggers all-too-frequently!) will gratuitously slap an image onto their piece whether it really has anything to do with the topic or not (if it involves an attractive female, so much the better even if the photo is completely unrelated to the article).
    But in your blog and all of the references, NO PHOTOS! And this is where an aerial photo of a spreading smoke plume would make a pointed image.
    Is this the start of a movement or is it just a smoke-screen?!