Berry Go Round #7

Welcome to the seventh edition of Berry Go Round, the carnival about all things botanical.
The previous edition was last month at Seeds Aside and the 8th issue will be at the end of August on Not Exactly Rocket Science.
The tradition for this carnival is to make it colorful (well, the plants are pretty), so I did what several other hosts of various carnivals did recently and used the LOLCat Builder to make it pretty and fun.
Since this makes the post very image-heavy and may slow down loading of the page for people with slower connections, I have placed them all under the fold.
To see from which blog the post comes from, hover your mouse/cursor over the image.
To go and read the entry, click on the image.
Also, I know, I know, there is no mycological carnival yet, so Berry Go Round has a subsection for that other sub-Domain of fungi, the Hyphae Go Round carnival, added on the bottom (last three entries). Enjoy:

Rigor Vitae
Guadalupe Storm-Petrel
Tomorrow's Table
Moss Plants and More
Seeds Aside
Greg Laden
A Neotropical Savanna
Catalogue of Organisms
Growing with plants
Moss Plants and More
No seeds, no fruits, no flowers
Chance and Necessity
Uncommon Ground
Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog
Small Things Considered
The Hyphal Tip: Fungal Genomes and Comparative Genomics
Crossing the Frame

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  1. Thanks for including my posts in the carnival.