Watch this. Now.

If the movie does not work for you, watch it here.

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  1. Btw, as soon as the journalist left I moved to MY table which is the best in the house. This little low (backbreaking) one was used for the “visuals” and also to be away from other busy patrons while we were talking out loud. To see my table, go here.

  2. Well, they could possibly have chopped up your footage a little more, but not much. Editing for “internet attention spans”?

  3. I guess you are (see my last comment)!
    I’ll have to ask for an autograph next time we meet.

  4. Bah. I could totally score an interview with WJCL for you if you ever visit Savannah. My student renter got her sheepskin and is (now) a full time photojournalist for WJCL.
    Actually, since they have THE LOWEST RATINGS IN THE COUNTRY (yikes), interviewing a Famous Science Blogger might be a big story for them.