Somebody had to do this….

It was inevitable – took just a few hours (you need to listen, not just watch):

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  1. themadlolscientist, FCD

    ZOMGZWTFBBQLSMFT!!!!!!! That’s the second time in 12 hours you’ve killded me ded wif teh ROFLZ!

  2. I couldn’t quite work out which one was the uninspiring intellectual featherweight stuttering through her response and which was the putative winner of a voting campaign likely to be heavily rigged in favor of the candidate most attractive to fellow featherweights.

  3. themadlolscientist, FCD

    I think the answer to that is “yes.”

  4. Foreign policy’s not a task a
    Governor learns while in Alaska;
    Talking points can only mask a
    Problem for so long.
    The Press must do their solemn duty–
    Look for smarts, and not for booty–
    If Beauty’s Truth, and Truth is Beauty,
    Palin is Ugly/Wrong.

  5. This explains a LOT! I knew Sarah Palin was channeling SOMEone, I just didn’t know who (…thought it was Ramtha).

  6. Sarah Palin is certainly no foreign policy expert, and her answer to that interview question was appallingly inept even for someone who might be expected to have as little foreign policy experience as a governor of Alaska.
    And yet, there’s something about laughing at her answer in this particular way that I don’t like. It’s a cheap shot. Basically it’s saying she’s inept and stupid because she’s good-looking, and we all know beautiful women can’t be expected to be very bright, right? Yeah, I don’t like this, because it’s sexist.
    There are a myriad of ways to critique Palin, even in a witty fashion, without making fun of her merely for being a girl. This joke only works because we are laughing at her for being female, i.e. pretty little thing without a brain in her head. Ha ha, she’s a stupid woman. I’d much rather see something where the joke is just ha ha she’s stupid. Where the fact of being female doesn’t play a key role in the humor. Imagine a similar pair of videos about Obama, positing him as some awful stereotype, say like Stepin Fetchit. Would that be so funny, too? No? That would be racist? Hmmm…
    I expect to find this kind of stuff on the internet but I’m surprised to find it on your blog, Bora.

  7. I agree – it is a cheap shot. I posted it here mostly because:
    1 – I was amazed at how quickly someone on the internet recognized that there are two 2-minute riffs that are cross-dubbable and then went on and dubbed them, and
    2 – to provoke discussion about it.
    I have to admit that I did not see it as sexist at first, but now that you pointed it out, I can rethink it.
    If, for instance, someone discovered two 2-minute rants by Biden and Ken Ham and did the same, I would find it equally funny and for the exact same reasons. But I can see how some people would find it funny for the wrong reason – because these two women are women, not because these two clips are so uncannily similar and someone online thought of it and did it so fast.
    Anyway, my blog has always been provocative, in a sense of “to provoke thought and discussion”. Things I post do not have an automatic seal of my approval unless I specifically say so.
    That has always been my shtick. I post things, or links to things, that I think more people should see, in order to think and discuss and understand the world and society better, the good and bad of it.
    Half of my ClockQuotes I do not agree with, but I post them to make people think and perhaps trigger a discussion.
    When I post my picks from ScienceDaily, some of those are because the studies are interesting and I want people to know about them, but some I link to because the press releases are over-hyping it and I want my readers to see this and, if inspired, to rip them a new hole here or on their own blogs.
    My own posts are intentionally over-the-top in order to provoke similar discussions.
    But there is another point to make about these two clips. This is pretty much inside baseball, though. People who paid attention know that Miss Carolina went on TV afterwards and explained what she meant and showed the world that she is much smarter than what one would conclude from that moment of nervous excitement depicted in this clip. Likewise for Palin, she is smarter than what this clip shows. This post is also pointing out the way YouTube immortalizes one’s weak moments and how one’s reputation online is dependent on such moments and one’s ability to subsequently counter them in other venues with equal audience sizes.

  8. Ah…the ol’ “being provocative” story. So I guess, if somebody cross-pollinated an Obama speech with some really offensive racial stereotype video, you’d post that too without comment?
    The discussion you “provoked” here on your blog, is people laughing at what a stupid woman Sarah Palin is. I love ya, Bora, but you did a real disservice to your women readers by posting this misogynistic bit.

  9. Oh, come on! I’ve been provocative in this way for 4 years. And not in the “ol’ being provocative story” way that you are trying to impute on me, but in the way I just described. And yes, I would have done it with Obama (I used a Biden/Ken Ham example in my comment above if you have read it).