2008 Edublog Awards – time to vote

Nomination for 2008 Edublog Awards is now closed and you can now go and vote.
Go and check them all out – there are some great edublogs there I was not aware of from before. This is how I voted:
1. Best individual blog
Using Blogs in Science Education
2. Best group blog
3. Best new blog
Teaching in Second Life
4. Best resource sharing blog
Discovering Biology in a Digital World
5. Most influential blog post
6. Best teacher blog
Endless Forms Most Beautiful
7. Best librarian / library blog
Blue Skunk Blog
8. Best educational tech support blog
9. Best elearning / corporate education blog
Presentation Zen
10. Best educational use of audio
Project Xiphos
11. Best educational use of video / visual
Steve Spangler blog
12. Best educational wiki
Miss Baker’s Biology Class Wiki
13. Best educational use of a social networking service
Principles of Biology
14. Best educational use of a virtual world
Drexel Island on Second Life
15. Best class blog
Extreme Biology
16. Lifetime achievement
David Warlick
Now go and do the same thing – check them all out and vote for your picks.

One response to “2008 Edublog Awards – time to vote

  1. Thanks for taking the time to post these (also thanks to those who contributed them). These are some awesome blogs!