ScienceOnline’09 – the Weather

The weather prediction for this week is cold and clear to partly cloudy. If you are coming from Canada, you’ll probably think that’s warm, but for us here, this is very cold. At least, it appears at the moment, we will avoid snow unlike last year:

5 responses to “ScienceOnline’09 – the Weather

  1. For Toronto, I’d say those temperatures are pretty chilly. About the same as what we’ve had this week.
    Our climate here tends to be on the mild side due to Lake Ontario, and we’re just south of the snow belt. This weekend though should be pretty bitter here, so I’m happy to escape.

  2. Here in Wisconsin (Canada South), forecasts for Thursday call for a high of -2 F and windchills of as low as -50 F.
    So yeah, I’m perfectly happy to be heading for relatively balmy North Carolina. At least I won’t be tempted to measure the air temperature in Kelvin.

  3. I’ll try to only say this once this week.
    Fahrenheit is weird.
    I think I understand Kelvin better.

  4. Your highs are my lows in Davis, CA, so it’ll be a transition of gradients of sorts.

  5. Ahh! It’s freezing here now!
    Get me to NC!