Darwin Day talk by Carl Zimmer in Raleigh


Carl Zimmer
“Darwin and Beyond: How Evolution Is Evolving”
February 12, 2009
6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Talk Overview: Charles Darwin launched the modern science of evolution, but he hardly had the last word. In fact, today scientists are discovering that evolution works in ways Darwin himself could not have imagined. In my talk I will celebrate Darwin’s achievements by looking at the newest discoveries about evolution, from the emergence of life to the dawn of humanity.
Please join us for a Darwin Day presentation by Carl Zimmer. Mr. Zimmer is well known for his popular science writing, particularly his work on evolution. He has published several books including Soul Made Flesh, a history of the brain, Evolution: The Triumph of an Idea, At the Water’s Edge, a book about major transitions in the history of life, The Smithsonian Intimate Guide to Human Origins; and his latest book Microcosm: E. coli and the New Science of Life. Mr. Zimmer contributes to the New York Times, National Geographic, Discover, Scientific American, Science, and Popular Science. He also maintains an award winning blog The Loom.
North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
11 W. Jones St.
Raleigh, NC 27601-1029

More info to come. I’ll try to grab Carl and take him to some cool local undisclosed location for a beer. I’ll have more when the time gets closer and we have something planned….

One response to “Darwin Day talk by Carl Zimmer in Raleigh

  1. I attended the speech by Carl Zimmer tonight at the museum of natural sciences and it was pretty good. I didn’t think he was as knowledgable about the up-to-date data as I would have hoped. But of course, I am comparing him to Richard Dawkins and the like… the internet spoils us sometimes.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the lecture and had a good time meeting people at the pubs post-lecture.
    If you’re like me, a college age individual, I don’t have many friends that share my interest in science, history and philosophy. If anyone is local to create or join a local group that discusses these topics email me at dc.wolfpack@gmail.com.