Look what came in the mail today:

Emerging Model Organisms:
emerging animal models cover.jpg
All exciting, but of course, I got it for the chapter on Japanese Quail. The protocol desribes how to make a transgenic quail. It sounds easy on paper. A few years back I took a graduate class and we spent the entire semester going through all the steps needed to make a transgenic bird. Nice to see this species getting a serious look once again. Will keep watching….

2 responses to “Look what came in the mail today:

  1. ^^ Now you’re making me jealous.
    And soon fruitbats. I like where this is going.

  2. This is a fantastic resource – thanks! I gave a talk a few years back on what makes a good model plant for evo-devo studies. This would have come in handy back then… but glad to have it now.