Put down the duckie (at least don’t throw it into the ocean)!

Miriam Goldstein of the Oyster’s Garter and Double X blogs (follow her on Twitter) is embarking on a sea-faring expedition!
SEAPLEX is a Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego project studying plastics – yes, including the rubber duckies – accumulating in the oceans, specifically in the North Pacific Gyre. Miriam is leading the team of PhD students and volunteers who will be studying various aspects of the plastics in the sea and their environmental impact.
Though the life at sea is hard and busy and they will not have much time (or access) to do so, they will try to keep us all updated via blog and Twitter, so start following them now.

2 responses to “Put down the duckie (at least don’t throw it into the ocean)!

  1. Life at sea is hard, but not usually busy. Especially if you’re not crew. It’s a long haul to the gyre.

  2. Thanks Bora! If we see any duckies we will send them your way. 🙂
    And Russell, true, on the way out. But we have round-the-clock sampling once we actually get out there, so that will keep us hopping.