Tweetlinks, 10-01-09

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Why newspapers fold – a case study: Lessons from the Rocky Mountain News – Text and video of speech delivered at UC Berkeley Media Technology Summit at Google in Silicon Valley – thinking like a newspaper, not like a media org.
UK teenager killed by tumour not Glaxo vaccine
Dramatic Growth of Open Access: September 30, 2009
What sort of ‘trigger’ are they waiting for?
It’s DonorsChoose time and Win a ScienceBlogs Swag Bag when you participate in the Donors Choose 2009 Challenge and ScienceBlogs has overtaken Twitter in the #donorschoose 2009 Social Media Challenge
Hooked on Science at NCSU
The Program page got too big to edit! New, smaller, nimbler page for you. ScienceOnline2010.
Travel Awards for ScienceOnline 2010
PLoS ONE Blog Pick of the Month – September 2009
Organize your ScienceOnline2010 carpooling and room-sharing by editing this wiki page
Electronic publishing is inevitable and even the ICZN is beginning to accept it
Interesting social media reading
Engineering the shiny digital future – Open Science, Citizen Science, the Future
Art vs. Science, Part Three: A little mystery is a good thing
If you are visiting RTP or Triangle as a whole (e.g., for ScienceOnline2010): Restaurant options near RDU, from quick and cheap to leisurely and upscale
Stimulus jolts Triangle science
Bad for bloggers: Why Did Sen. Schumer Attempt To Limit The Press Shield Law?
PETA has a bone to pick with DonorsChoose.

One response to “Tweetlinks, 10-01-09

  1. good links.
    the unfortunate girl who died in london with a chest malignancy – wow. at least it seems the cervarix will not be primarily blamed.
    what a nightmarish time for that family.