Open Access Week

This week – 19th-23rd October 2009 – is the Open Access week around the world – fitting nicely with the 5th birthday of PLoS Medicine. And when I say ‘around the world’ I really mean it. Just check out all the global events happening this week.
The OA Week is co-organized by Open Access Directory, PLoS, SPARC, Students for Free Culture, eIFL (Electronic Information for Libraries) and OASIS.
Many countries are participating this year, including some with numerous events all around the country. See, for example, all the events in Germany (there are 67 events in that country alone!), Netherlands, China and Japan.
You can get all the information and follow the events on the Open Access Week blog. There is also a nice round-up on the SPARC site.
As the week unfolds, I will blog more about it here. In the meantime, you can follow the news of the OA week on Facebook or by following PLoS on Twitter.You may also want to sign up to participate in the OASPA webinar (locationless – sign up to participate online).
I love this video in which Jennifer McLennan and Heather Joseph of SPARC explain what the OA week is all about:

And in this video, Walter H. Curioso, M.D., M.P.H., talks a bit about his views of Open Access and how it can help in developing countries.

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