Tweetlinks, 10-27-09

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Defending Science Isn’t Always Pretty and When critics disagree with me, I’m a Pharma Shill. When critics disagree with a woman, it gets sexual.
How I Find Time to Write
Why The (Impure) Public Option is (Probably) Gaining Momentum and Don’t Bother Waiting for Bloggers to Get Credit for the Public Option
A Graphic History of Newspaper Circulation Over the Last Two Decades
What 15 freshmen taught me about social media.
Author of ‘Encyclopedia of Evolution’ is now blogging: Honest Ab: Evolution and Related Topics
College Newspaper Writing in the GoogleAge
That’s not an unfair question!
The Irony of Henry Adams: The most misunderstood quote evah!
When Do Immigrants Learn English? Likely, not when you think.
Medical Education Evaluated With Twitter
The Fate of the Incompetent Teacher in the YouTube Era and Lectures Are a Small Part of Learning
Sick Damselflies Hit the Road

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