Tweetlinks, 11-04-09

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More on science journalism: Mind the spin – muttering on about spin and some suggestions.
How the Internet Enables Intimacy
The temporary web – “Twitter makes us forget”
Behold the human search engine
As usual, the press gets it all wrong
Lashing out at Latisse® and Latisse®: Tell me more about my eyes.
Journalists have problems matching practice with ideals
Radio Reaches More People Than The Web
The new Lay Scientist site is fantastic.
Responding to community feedback – DeepDyve and PLoS – Q & A
The Politics of Drug Abuse Research Funding
A long-time print journalist finds her voice in blog
The Devil in the Details, Part II – Who can afford health insurance after reform?
Funding scientific research that people ‘don’t approve of’
Techie Tuesday and World AIDS Day

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