Tweetlinks, 11-05-09

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Global warming worries drive biofuels research
Research participants have a right to their own genetic data
Time to talk periods
RT @maninranks: Idea for TheRTP: Recent Imagine Science film festival in NYC. Why not here? Replay theirs? Do our own?
Another post on distributed science v. open source science: Distributed Science, Part 2
New House Bill Rejects ‘Spiritual Care’
Dangerously irrelevant libraries
The picture pretty much says it all: Wife discovers allergy to husband’s sperm on wedding night
2009 H1N1 Influenza Vaccine Safety
Only the Village media can spin a 98% sweep into a Dems “election loss” as in this The Fix story. Mentioning GOP in an article at all and especially without warning they are insane is dereliction of journalistic duty that keeps GOP alive. But of course, keeping GOP zombie alive is needed for the ‘conflict’ storytelling and HeSaidSheSaid false balance “reporting”. To paraphrase: Stories about Republicans must always be written as though they aren’t liars for some reason…
Rebooting the News 31
Falklands Wolf First Appeared in North America, Researchers Say
Students and faculty don’t see eye to eye about state of technology use in classroom: Technology in the Classroom: Not always what you think.
Angry german kid vs how things work in busy town (video)
Professor Jay Rosen on his innovative journalism school class
A relieved and jubilant Kleinschmidt basks in Chapel Hill mayoral win
Wanted: rejection letters – “How quaint. A relic from when editors actually replied to say “No””
DPAC Exceeds Expectations
Ethics Creep: Governing Social Science Research in the Name of Ethics and Ethics Creep, Soft Law and Positivism: The Problems of Regulatory Innovation in the Governance of Human Subjects Research
You know what else is an abomination, Maine? Lobster
Lovin’ the Numbers – Amory B. Lovins talk at Duke last night.
Discriminating butterflies show how one species could split into two
Where’s My Elephant?
Rebooting the News System in the Age of Social Media
Shining a light on dark data – publishing the unpublished and/or unpublishable?
Reflections on Science 2.0 from a distance – Part I – “natural unit of science research is the blog post”
Google, Waves and Fireflies – Totally awesome Firefly/Serenity/biology/GoogleWave connection!
Native language shapes the melody of a newborn baby’s cry
Horse genome sequence and analysis published in Science – Where’s the gene for bucking the rider off?

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