Big Question: Feast or famine? (video)

One response to “Big Question: Feast or famine? (video)

  1. Apparently, research and development into drought resistant GMO’s is more crucial than even I had thought.
    I know that GreenPeace is opposed to GMO of any sort (even to the point of vandalizing and destroying research site fields of GMO in England,) but I wonder how much of that is just because Monsanto has this patenting practice.
    Open-source GMO is critical,for the same reasons that opensource software and open-access journal publishing and open-source text publishing are critical; to make more readily available the information needed to prepare to feed the world with a growing population and diminishing resources.
    If progressives who oppose the science on GMO because they are afraid of “corporate Franken Foods” would get past their science-denialism and push for open source food developments rather than to try to stop all research on GMO’s, then we could go a long ways to resolving the problem. Organic farming can’t be the only solution because it can’t produce as much food as standard agriculture, production needs to integrate organic processes with GMO.
    Also, someone needs to invent a cow that doesn’t fart methane.