We got cartooned!!!

scibling comic strip.jpg
ROFL! Can you recognize your favourite sciencebloggers in this comic strip by Joseph Hewitt? To see larger (and read the associated text) go to Ataraxia Theatre

6 responses to “We got cartooned!!!

  1. Spoiler. Do not read until after you have perused the cartoon. I’m guessing you’re the dark-haired guy wearing round glasses and red and blue shorts who is launching himself into the fray in the upper-right-hand corner of the second-to-the-last frame. Am I right?

  2. 😉
    Yup, that’s me. It’s fun to try to figure out who is who. Orac – the blinking box – is obvious!

  3. well, goddam, ignored AGAIN!! i hate that guy, and so does my flock of attack parrots. he’d better be wearing some steel-plated underwear when they come calling in the middle of the night.

  4. Heh, I missed Orac. Too funny.

  5. Ha! The blinking box – Orac is the easiest! And Emmy. The rest…takes some thinking and checking against the list of names under the cartoon.

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