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EuroTrip ’08 – Trieste, part I

Today is the second day of the Science FEST in Trieste. Yesterday, I went around, looked at everything and took a lot of pictures (under the fold). Later today, I will see some more specific sessions and will let you know more about the whole thing. The main focus are science books – thousands of books, from highly technical to popular, from books for children, to old historical books. And around that wealth of books, they built an interesting program of events, demonstrations, movies, plays, panels, hands-on exploration for kids, etc.

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Eurotrip ’08 – Last day at PLoS Cambridge

Yesterday was my last day in Cambridge, so here are some pictures from the PLoS office – Chief Editor Mark Patterson and the new Managing Editor of PLoS ONE Peter Binfield (and the beer pictures are under the fold):

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EuroTrip ’08 – the Cromer menagerie

The weekend at La Maison de Girrafes was absolutely brilliant. Henry and I could not stop talking for two straight days. We tried to elicit the End Of The Universe by starting a cycle of infinite regress by repeatedly linking to each other’s blog posts, but something went wrong with our plan and, voila, you are all still alive and well, I see.
Every time we walked out, the Sun started shining. As soon as we would go back inside, it would get dark and start storming, raining and hailing. Thus, the opportunities to take pictures of the entire menagerie were rare and brief, and I missed them of course. But, let it be in the domain of orally-transmitted legends that, yes, there are four chickens there, and four Guinea pigs, two fresh clutches of frog eggs in the pond, two elegant yet elusive cats, the famous Beelzebun Demon Bunny of *DOOM*, Heidi the digginest dog and Sid the about-to-shed-his-skin snake. I saw them all with my own lying eyes. And in the end, I managed to take the pictures of the two hamsters – I think Nippy is the one who is sleeping:

No giraffes on unicycles here…

These two entire days chez Gee, surrounded by many strange animals, I kept looking for the girrafes and they were nowhere to be seen. But now I know why – they are not allowed in here any more, at least not beyond this point:

EuroTrip ’08 – Sid

Another member of the Gee menagerie:

EuroTrip ’08 – Holkham beach

It was a wonderful day this morning so the entire Gee family (including the dog) got in a car and went out to Holkham beach for a little walk, then to the Stiffkey Red Lion for lunch….

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EuroTrip ’08 – Cromer: a loooong dog walk on the beach

Henry and I took Heidi the dog on a long walk around Cromer and East Runton, enjoying the scenery….
More under the fold…

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EuroTrip ’08 – Cromer: Henry Blogg

This explains why Henry is a Blogger:

EuroTrip ’08 – Cromer: The End Of The Pier Show

Now I know where Henry got the name for his blog – Cromer is the only place in the UK with a pier that has a theater on its end:
More under the fold:

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EuroTrip ’08 – Cromer: Heidi the dog

Yes, it is possible to get non-blurry pictures of Henry’s lovely dog:

EuroTrip ’08 – Cambridge, Friday dinner

Friday night dinner, in a nice Italian restaurant, with Mico Tatalovic:

EuroTrip ’08 – Cambridge, lunch

On Friday, we all went to a nearby pub for lunch and passed Watson’s old place, with a single helix (probably denoting one half of the pair):
By that time, what little jet-lag I had was gone, and I was ravenous. So, while others had chips (aka French fries), I indulged myself with some juicy English sausages:
Professor Steve Steve came along for lunch and posed for pictures with everyone:

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EuroTrip ’08 – Cambridge, Thursday night

So, around midnight we decided we were not tired and sleepy enough yet, so we found a pub that was open and had another round….

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EuroTrip ’08 – Cambridge, Thursday dinner

After a beer or two at The Eagle, we went for dinner to a nice place where we had to wait a little more, but the wait was worth it as the food was good and the company even better. So, food above the fold (a Before and After picture) and company under the fold:

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EuroTrip ’08 – Cambridge, at ‘The Eagle’

Thursday night after work, the Plossians took me out for Guinness at The Eagle:
….more under the fold….

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EuroTrip ’08 – Cambridge, PLoS office

Steve Steve and I got a desk at the PLoS office to work at:
Bex is the one who really keeps PLoS ONE together:

EuroTrip ’08 – London: after the Museum, part III

More pictures from Daquise, as the alcohol levels in circulation rose… and everyone started singing….

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EuroTrip ’08 – London: after the Museum, part II

After we froze at the pub, Karen, Malcolm, Mo, Joe, MissPrism, Nick, Matt, Kara, Professor Steve Steve and I went to a Polish restaurant called Daquise, where we had good food and too much to drink, including a couple of shots of slivowitza….

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EuroTrip ’08 – London: after the Museum

After the Museum visit, we went to a nearby pub (Queen’s Arms) where we could not get a table, but could get beer and stand outside, until we froze. We were joined by several other people, including Joe, MissPrism, my SciBling Nick and a highschool friend of mine Liliana and her husband.

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EuroTrip ’08 – London: the Museum

Karen, aka Nunatak from the Beagle Project gave us, the science bloggers (including Professor Steve Steve) a special tour of the Darwin Center, a new wing of the Natural History Museum in London. This is where millions of specimens are deposited, studied, classified, described, etc. There are daily tours for the public (once a day for now), but a person can also contact them and ask to be shown a particular specimen.
Who was there? Mo (with his son), Euan, Ed, Malcolm, Matt, Kara, Alf, Selva, Karen, Professor Steve Steve and me.
Karen and Matt have more details of the tour, and Karen and Mo have posted some pictures on Flickr (I will, too, later, but for now you can find them on my Facebook profile) and here are some pictures for you here as well, under the fold:

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SciBlings in London

Mo, Ed, Selva, me and Kara in front of the Darwin wing of the Natural History Museum in London.

EuroTrip ’08 – London: old Natural History art

On Thursday morning, Mo and I went to see The Art of Natural History in the Age of Discovery, an amazing exhibition of old plates of early natural history artists, starting with Leonardo. It was awesome! Here is just one of the many drawings and paintings we saw there:

EuroTrip ’08 – London: Rescuing Professor Steve Steve from the lion’s jaws

More Wednesday morning sight-seeing in London, a swan in St.James park and a dramatic rescue!

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EuroTrip ’08 – London: Mo and his family

When I arrived in London early in the morning on Wednesday, Mo picked me up at Heathrow and we went to his place where I met his lovely wife and beautiful children, then did a little site-seeing close to their home, with Professor Steve Steve, of course – pictures under the fold…

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