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EuroTrip ’08 – Berlin, part V, Natural History Muesum

Catriona and I, obviously, had fun here:

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EuroTrip ’08 – Berlin, part IV, sightseeing

Time to put up some of the pictures. Catriona took me around Berlin, for whatever one can see in just a day and a half – the Brandenburg gate, a slab of the Berlin wall, etc….

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EuroTrip ’08 – Berlin, part III, Wednesday dinner

For dinner, we went up high, really high – 230 meters, to a rotating restaurant, perhaps the highest blogger meetup to date?! There I met Cornelius Puschmann, Martin Fenner and his lovely wife, Catriona McCallum, Randolf Nesse, Bjoern Brembs and his girlfriend, and Mark who had to run early to watch, religiously, his team Chelsey in the semi-finals of the British soccer cup. We had beer and good food (some on dangerously looking skewers), quickly forgot about the vertigo, and discussed the future of scientific publishing:

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EuroTrip ’08 – Berlin, part II

After lunch, Catriona McCallum and Randolf Nesse (who, yes, writes a blog) met and discussed evolution and medicine and blogging and Facebook and Open Access and PLoS, etc.:

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EuroTrip ’08 – Berlin, lunch at the Institute

After a lovely flight, Catriona met me at the airport. We went to the Institute where I checked in my room, set up my wifi, then went down to meet the people and have lunch: various cold cuts, true Coca Cola, and a cream puff:

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Fried Smelt

This morning I had to get up early to go and give my interview for Radio Belgrade 1, at the same time when my Radio Belgrade 2 interview was on. This one will be broadcast in ten days or so. All the radio interviews will be recorded and placed on the web so I can link to it later. Afterwards, my Mom and I went to visit the graves of my Father and grandparents, did some shopping, and ended up in “Polet”, an ancient and excellent seafood restaurant in the middle of Belgrade, where we had, traditionally, fried smelt (or pilchard):

EuroTrip ’08 – Belgrade, Monday afternoon

After watching the show jumping classes and chatting with my horsey friends, I went back to the city center, explored the place and saw that unlike most other types of stores, the bookstores are still there where I remembered them, not replaced by new boutiques and cafes, surviving the decades of hyperinflation, sanctions, wars and bombing. The Republic Square (“at the Horse”), the site of so many demonstrations in the 90s, is now a nice place for people-watching. I met a couple of friends from school there and we had cakes and reminisced about the good old times. They updated me about all of our old friends, who is alive, who is doing what, who is living where, etc,…

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