Population Growth Projection Map

Map projects regional population growth for 2025:

The number of people living within 60 miles (100 km) of a coastline is “expected to increase by 35 percent over 1995 population levels, exposing 2.75 billion people worldwide to the effects of sea level rise and other coastal threats posed by global warming,” according to a new map showing projected population change for the year 2025.

It’s 2025. Where Do Most People Live?:

The map indicates that the greatest increases in population density through 2025 are likely to occur in areas of developing countries that are already quite densely populated.
The map also projects that much of southern and Eastern Europe and Japan will experience significant and wide-spread population decline. Surprisingly, the map further suggests small areas of projected population decline for many regions in which they might be least expected: sub-Saharan Africa, Central and South America, the Philippines, Nepal, Turkey, Cambodia, Burma and Indonesia — areas that have to date been experiencing rapid-to-modest national population growth.

You can see the map (large PDF) here.

One response to “Population Growth Projection Map

  1. I downloaded this yesteday. took me a while to get to this map [and then a while to get it: its 34mb] the sciencedaily reference to it makes it look like a project from a Lamont-Doherty project but its actually directly under Columbia U. …and it still doesn’t tell me if I should sell out and move to, say northern British Columbia because I need to over lay the 2025 climat prediction map [if there were such a thing].