Lindsay is liveblogging from the Lamont HQ. My wife, who is not interested in nitty-gritty details of everyday politics and has no idea where Lieberman stands on any issue and has not heard a single word spoken by Liebermann, said that Joe’s loss is totally unsurprising to her. She said that Joe lost today’s race two years ago when the whole nation saw how weak he is – ‘weak’ in every sense of the term, as a person, as a politician, everything. Whoever remembers the pitiful scenes of Joementum from the 2004 primaries, even if completely uninterested in politics since then, cannot possibly vote for him, she said.

3 responses to “Lamont

  1. His stand on all issues aside, Lieberman has the least charisma of any politician I have ever seen.
    I just hope that his run as an Independent doesn’t hurt the Dems too much in CT.

  2. I hope not. It shoudn’t. Dems will vote for Lamont, Reps for their candidate – who is going to waste their vote on Joe?
    I think what my wife was hinting at is that Jow embarassed his state two years ago and that CT voters are now trying to get rid of their embarassment. He is a face of a loser – in 2000, in 2004, and today. I am sure that CT people do not like being iudentified with the face of the loser.

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