No One Cares About Your Blog

I guess the people at Belk only read personal diaries and Wingnut blogs. They should come visit Scienceblogs sometimes.

6 responses to “No One Cares About Your Blog

  1. Our colleague, YoungFemaleScientist/MsPhD, had a somewhat more serious take on the shirt a few weeks ago.
    Man, she’d be a great addition to SB, dontcha think?

  2. Oh, I remember the middle and the bottom of that post but I fogot the title and the very beginning.
    About three months ago she blogged about being invited to SB so I do not know why she is not here yet.

  3. The T-shirt can be true sometimes, I think it is bad conversational etiquette to talk extensively about your blog. It’s just like anything else, like talking extensively about your poetry, your cats, your lifting regimen, your sewing, your baby’s bowel movements. People that don’t share your passion for something will be rapidly bored by fanatical discussion about it, and I do meet people who talk about their blogs to death.
    If people are interested they’ll ask, I think this shirt is just a reaction of the blog-uninterested to yet another boring conversational topic. It shouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings and certainly shouldn’t hurt yours (you have a good blog).

  4. Oh, I certainly did not take this seriously – it is in the “Fun” category after all.

  5. Nor did I take it very seriously either. In fact, now that quitter mentions the bad etiquette thing, I’d love to see a shirt that reads, “Let me tell you about my blog,” just like those for grandparents (“Let me tell you about my grandchildren.”)
    re MsPhD – I’m being facetious because she know me well as I’m making a pest of myself with her in continuing to encourage her to take up Sb’s invitation. Sometimes, I become obnoxious even to myself.

  6. Nobody cares about my blog. Not even me.