Is there a Herpetologist in the house?

Kevin, lacking all the necessary literature out in the middle of China, is having some doubts about proper identification of one of the frogs. He sent an e-mail asking for help.
I know that many scientists read this blog, but are any of my readers Herpetologists? If so, check out the photos and post your ID opinion in the comments. Kevin will come by later to see what you have to say. Here is his message:

Hey everyone, got another mass ID question. I realized some pics of my mystery frog were lacking, so I gathered all the pics of Frog B and put them in the folder “confounding amphibian” so take a look.
It has characteristics of Paa boulengeri, mainly just the eye; characteristics of Rana quadranus, the eye and the lateral stripe, but the dots are not characteristic; and it has characteristics of Rana rugulosa/ Rana tigrina rugulosa, mainly just the dorsal lines (as opposed to the dorsal bumps of R. quadranus). I am thinking R. qudranus, but just wanted other opinions.
Also, a new development, let me know if you think all the frogs in the album “confounding amphibian” are one species, or if you think there are two different species in there. Appreciate it!!

2 responses to “Is there a Herpetologist in the house?

  1. I asked my ex-advisor. He likes herps (owns a snake, did studies on turtles, etc., teaches vet school), so I thought maybe he might know… but I’ll let you know if/when he replies.

  2. I asked a colleague who does frog systematics. He couldn’t identify it but suggested you get in touch with Bob Murphy at the Royal Ontario Museum, who I’m told knows a bunch about Chinese anurans.