Update on Blogs and Scientific Communication

You may remember this chart from three days ago. Now, Rob Loftis updated his chart after the inputs of a number of bloggers and commenters over the past few days, and John Dupuis has his own chart he uses in teaching about the flow of scientific information.

2 responses to “Update on Blogs and Scientific Communication

  1. As someone with a tendency towards what is apparently Blasphemous among scientists (namely Generalism and/or interdisciplinarianism), where does “groups of scientists in different fields communicating amongst each other” fit in? Or does it at all?
    (Should there be some kind of mediation group or groups to allow that to happen, or do Balkanized groups of scientific specialists just not want to talk to each other very often?)

  2. Coturnix: Check the modified chart I have made on the above idea. I think it now has better clarity, but would love to hear your opinion…