This is a really cool science class

In Ormond Beach Middle School:

Developed by teacher Tucker Harris and School Resource Deputy Karen Pierce, the investigation program is an innovative way to teach sixth-grade science students the scientific method. The CSI class takes students out of the classroom and into a crime scene orchestrated by the deputy.
Pierce developed a fictional situation involving a property theft at the school. During the class, Pierce “briefed” the students on the crime, and the students received written statements from the victim and three suspects. The students then visited the crime scene, where they gathered evidence to take back to the classroom, or “police station.”
The students are applying the scientific method to solve the crime. Two more situations will follow — one involving drugs, the other battery with bullying — and each will become more intense, said Pierce. All 290 sixth-graders will participate.

This is so cool. I use crime-scene detection kits for hair-type and blood-type, as well as a DNA-fingerprinting exercise when I teach the Into Bio lab.

One response to “This is a really cool science class

  1. Where, oh where, were all these hip science teachers when I was in high school?
    A couple of Christmases ago, I bought a “crime scene science kit” from either Mindware or Young Explorers for my 12-year-old niece. She loved it, and I’m looking for something along those lines for this year’s gift. She’s now 14. Any suggestions?