Morlocks and Eloi, oy vey!

Razib and commenters are commenting on this article which appears to be 19th century SF-fantasy repackaged as “serious science” about the future evolution of the human species. Actually, the article is so silly, Razib does not even want to waste time on it and points out only one of the obvious fallacies of the argument, the one about skin color. On the other hand, Lindsay does a thorough and delightful fisking that you may enjoy!
I don’t even know in which ‘channel’ to put this post. I guess it is “biology” but only nominally… as we do not have a “nonsense and having fun with it” channel here on scienceblogs.
Update: John Wilkins adds his 2 cents – and you should listen to him, speciation is his area of expertise.
Update 2: John Hawks and PZ Myers also chime in.
Update 3: Mouse Trap and Darren Naish have their own takes on the story.

2 responses to “Morlocks and Eloi, oy vey!

  1. I suppose you knew that Tesla was a Morlach. In old maps written in Latin, the Serbs living inland from Senj, that is the Lika region, are called Morlachs. I have copies of a couple of those maps around here somewhere.

  2. One thing that Peter singer has added to the discussion is the effect of genetic engineering and the resultant gap between genetic-haves and genetic have-nots based on economic lines; even with that taken into account all kinds of speciation theories seem to be lacking in substance. While John Hawks and John Wilkins have debunked the Symaptry and Allopatry speciation theories, I try to do the same debunking for the Parapatric theory.