Are you addicted to the Internet?

Ed and Dave on Internet addiction.
If I go out of town, I am perfectly happy not to see a computer for days – there is so much more other stuff to enjoy. But at home it is a different story – it’s minutes, not days, and I start shaking uncontrollably!
OK, just joking. But I spend less time online than you may think, thanks to the MovableType’s ability to schedule a bunch of posts in advance. I have seriosuly cut on my time spent reading other blogs. My Bloglines does not work any more. I do not go browsing aimlessly or shopping online at all.
I do not watch TV almost at all.
I started to read some newspapers online – only the chosen articles – instead of hardcopy in which one is drawn into reading all sorts of silly stuff, like comics.
I still find time to read books.
So, even if it is an addiction, it is a much more useful and benevolent one than most other addictions. I get informed and spread the information to others – what’s wrong with that?

One response to “Are you addicted to the Internet?

  1. While I’m not as prolific as you, I found the real problem is trying to tear myself away from following the blogosphere and write my thesis!