If it quacks like a duck…it is in an echo-chamber!

Just in case you have, as a child, heard the myth that ducks’ quack does not produce an echo, and have never outgrew the myth (possibly by never even thinking about it ever since), a potential IgNobel winner for next year has been published and, yes, ducks’ quacks produce echoes. Shelley has the details of the experiments and the link to the sound-file of the quack and the echo. Ah, the power of the scientific method! Though alternative methods have been proposed:

Now, the question remains: which echo-chamber does the duck prefer: its Left Wing or its Right Wing?


2 responses to “If it quacks like a duck…it is in an echo-chamber!

  1. Oh yeah, I saw that myth on Mythbusters. If Im remembering it right, the reason it was so hard to hear the echo was because it sounded the same as the quack itself.

  2. The episode that brought us the immortal Jamie quote “quack, damn you.”