World Science

* Cleansing nuclear fallout from the body:
A U.S. government scientist envisions purging the body of fallout with a compound from crab shells.
* Gay men likelier to gamble addictively, study suggests:
A small study may fuel a charged debate over why homosexuals, as growing evidence suggests, suffer addictions unusually often.
* Saturn moon found to resemble Earth at life’s birth:
Hazy skies on early Earth, similar to those on Saturn’s moon Titan, could have provided the ingredients for life, chemists say.
* Mystery of sudden infant deaths may be solved:
“Sudden infant death syndrome” results from abnormalities in the brain stem, a primitive brain region, a study suggests.
* Testosterone levels dropping, research finds:
Scientists cited a “substantial,” unexplained drop in American men’s testosterone levels in the past two decades.

2 responses to “World Science

  1. “Saturn moon found to resemble Earth at life’s birth”
    Don’t let the Velikovskians hear. There is a whole school of Velkovsky followers who think the Earth was once a moon of Saturn. Then it got thrown into it’s current orbit around the Sun by a near-collision with Jupiter, which also increased our gravity, killed most of the dinosaurs (the new gravity squished them), and caused the Biblical flood. The last thing they need is encouragement.

  2. I know. Perhaps they’ll come out of the woodwork to respond to this news and provide us with fresh fodder for blog-fisking.