Blog memes

Some things spread like wildfire across the blogs. But, can an artificial meme, designed specifically to measure the speed of its spreading, spread as fast? If we know its speed, can we know its position at the same time, and vice versa? You’ll know the answer (pretty soon) if you link to this from your blog.
Perhaps it would be more useful to track the already existing and popular memes, like Beautiful Bird Meme, Random Quotes Meme, Silly Blog Meme, Four Meme, Zero Meme, Dirty Thirty Meme, States Meme, Obscure-But-Good-Movies Meme, Four Jobs Meme, The Blogging Blog Meme, Browser Meme, Seven Times Seven Meme or many, different, book, memes and compare those that include tagging the recepients to those that are free-for-all, those that are general to all bloggers to those that are specific to one particular corner of the blogosphere, as well as compare these “intelligently designed” memes to those that arise spontaneously when someone posts important piece of news or a cool picture.
Moreover, something like the experiment Acephalous is planning to do has already been done and you can watch the Memetree.
Also, the Academic Blog Meme was tracked as well.

4 responses to “Blog memes

  1. Coturnix,
    It’s interesting that although you have repeatedly identified Dawkins as obsolete and representing bad thinking you use the meme concept. Of course there were similar non-Dawkins concepts like culturgen and i-culture but the term “meme” turned out to be the fittest meme. And “meme” has been appropriated by the blogosphere and become part of its culture.
    I am not a huge Dawkins partisan. I am somewhat amused to see him embraced as an advocate of all that is anti-fundie by the same kinds of circles that unfairly demonized him as some kind of ultra-reactionary a decade ago.
    Like you, I accept multilevel selection and think there is great value in interactionist and developmentalist approaches. One way I differ is that I do not believe that Hamilton, Trivers, Williams et al. are theoretical deadwood to be scorned but a crucial part of a long-delayed Developmental Synthesis (to use Gilbert’s term).
    I also disagree with your assertions about the linkage between particular biological theories and politics. I think it’s far more complicated than that. Reductionism, holism, interactionism, sociobiology, group selection etc. have all been associated with widely varying political views.

  2. I use the word ‘meme’ ONLY to refer to “blog memes”. As a term. Not a concept.

  3. And I agree with most of the rest of what you say. Some things get too simplified in order to get into sharp, snarky blogposts designed to drive a point and provoke debate, and would not be written the same way for a real publication, e.g., a book.

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