Science Blogging at SICB and in NC

Grrrl, PZ and John will be panelists at the Media Worskshop during the next SICB meeting. You bet I am jealous! SICB is the coolest of all science meetings ever!
Their workshop is about science blogging:

Media Workshop: Hey, Wanna Read My Blog?
Blogs are online “diaries” that are growing in popularity. Popular political and social commentary blogs are making the news, but is there more out there than chatty gossip and collections of links? How about some science? Can this trendy technology be useful for scientists? Come to the Media Workshop and find out! Experienced science bloggers P.Z. Myers (Pharyngula), Grrl Scientist (Living the Scientific Life), and John Lynch (Stranger Fruit) answer your questions about how blogging works, setting one up, finding things to write about, and using the medium for your classes, for research, or for educating the public.

I hope there will be a video of the entire workshop posted online so we can watch it before (just two weeks before) the Science Blogging Conference. We’ll have more time to cover more topics, so I’d be interested to see what they manage to cover during their workshop and what important points they will make. And of course, their own thoughs on the session afterwards.

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