Secular Question of the Day

Is there a good secular equivalent of ‘Amen’?

13 responses to “Secular Question of the Day

  1. So mote it be. It’s good enough for the Masons…

  2. How about, “You, sir, are in the right!”?

  3. True that.

  4. I actually may have coined one at the Yearly Kos Interfaith Service last year. I asked for an “amen” from the congregation at one point, then, realizing that perhaps wasn’t fair to the sizable atheist contingent, asked them to say “yup.” Still hear it from time to time.

  5. I say: ‘This is true.’

  6. “I say Doctor, that is quite right.”
    “Hear, hear!”

  7. Growing up in a household void of any religious influence, “amen” doesn’t really have much meaning to me. I understand the function of the word, but when I hear it being said outside of a religious function (such as grace at thanksgiving, in a church, etc), it just seems odd, and out of place. I’ve noticed when used, its often in a sarcastic tone or used in the wrong context. Honestly, when people use the word, I feel that the person lacks vocabulary or isn’t confident about explaining their position on whatever it is that causes them to say “amen!” in the first place.

  8. In some circle, ‘QED’ works fine. How about ‘R.I.P.’?

  9. It’s translation into English = So be it.
    Or, as atheist self uses,
    Kia ora
    (ANZ Maori for ‘Let it be life.’)

  10. F*ckin’ A” usually sufficeth. It has the added advantage of offending prudes, which nicely removes them from further conversational interjections.

  11. I think “Right on!” is still quite serviceable.

  12. I ask, WWPD, that is what would Picard do?
    He’d say, “make it so”

  13. Ramen, of course.