I always like it…

.. when someone rips PETA a new one
Added later: Jill and Chris have more (and watch all those disccussions in the comment threads on all three posts!).
Added even later: Archy has a great analysis of this.

4 responses to “I always like it…

  1. I like it.
    PETA is one of the most vile organizations with respect to science that I can think of.

  2. Related to Amanda Marcotte’s analysis: Hardline, a convergence of animal rights and anti-abortion
    Karl Beuchner of Earth Crisis(now defunct): “We want to prevent problems, unnecessary suffering, and killing. That is why we concern ourselves with abortion. In a lot of ways it is very similar to animal liberation – an individual innocent being in a helpless situation and cannot defend itself in any way, or even speak out.”
    The movement has waned, but has a small presence on MySpace.

  3. As I knew it would eventually the thread devolved into attacks on basic science.
    It’s my least favorite thing about the ARAs, the complete ignorance of how biological knowledge is obtained and the complete dismissal of the importance of basic science.

  4. oneproudaardvark@gmail.com

    You have to wonder if they set up the SOTU vid to distract folks from the PETA Animal Cruelty Case that just got started. They think just because they are members of PETA, they are legally and medically qualified to handle controlled substances and euthanize healthy animals.