Help Fund The Beagle Project – and have fun doing it!

I first saw about this on Pharyngula the other day and I think it is a majestic idea! A group of Brits are trying to build a replica of HMS “Beagle” and, on the Darwin Bicentennial in 2009, sail around the world following the exact path Charles Darwin made on his historic voyage. Have scientists, journalists and, yes, bloggers, on board who will do research, take pictures and videos, and write their ship-logs for everyone to read (if a ship-log is on a blog, is it called shlog?). Stop at every port and promote evolution!
Most definitely take your time to check out their website and blog to learn more about the project.
They’ll have wi-fi on the ship. They intend to have webcams on board as well. Oh, how I wish I could be on board! You can just imagine what kind of mad blogging I’d do! Any sponsors out there?
I wonder how long the trip would last? After all, the original Beagle took a lot of time mapping the coast of South America and exploring the inland areas in multi-day and sometimes multi-week parties. The new Beagle does not need to do that and can probably cut the total sailing time down to a year or even less.
But such a big project requires money! A lot of it – $6 million! And this is where you can help. Miss Prism, PZ Myers, Adam Turinas and others are coming up with creative ways to urge their blog-readers to donate to this worthy project. You should do the same on your blog!
Since, unlike MissPrism, I cannot knit, and I am not rich, how can I help? Perhaps I can urge you all to donate and, if you are interested, you can forward me the payment-confirmation e-mail (you don’t have to, of course). I will not reveal your name and link on my blog (unless you insist), but will post every day over the next ten days to reveal what the highest donation was to date. At the end of a ten-day period, I will contact the person who donated the most (to ask for permission to use the name and link and to give me the snail-mail address) and send that person a copy of The Open Laboratory. That’s probably the only thing of value I have and can give!
So, start donating now! And spread the word!

9 responses to “Help Fund The Beagle Project – and have fun doing it!

  1. How many theologians are going?

  2. How many fashion designers are going?
    Dunno, it does not matter, as long as they don’t tend to get sea-sick all the time and can be helpful on board of a ship out on rough seas.

  3. Well, Darwin was a theologian, after all, as were many of the earliest biologists (ever hear of Gregor Mendel?. If you are going to recreate the Beagle voyage, shouldn’t you have a theologian along?

  4. What would be the purpose of a theologian? The proffession does not matter, as long the person has sea-worthy legs, can pull ropes and can contribute to the scientific and educaitonal portions of the stated mission of the trip.
    After all, by the time of the original Beagle voyage, Darwin was already a failed theologian and Fitzroy hired him to be the Captain’s companion and naturalist on the ship, not a theologina because even at that time there was no use for a theologian on a small, bust ship on which everyone pulls his weight.
    Just like the fashion designer, there is no purpose for a theologian on the ship, unless s/he is a darned good sailor.

  5. Ok, but what’s the purpose of this ‘voyage?’ I mean, is it just to be all nostalgic about Darwin’s discoveries? That’s a bit weird throwing a heck of a lot of money at something pretty pointless. I mean, I’d love to re-live some of my heroes voyages and trips, but 6 million just to do that is dumb. Pointless, in fact.
    What would be funny, though, is if someone finds Darwin was wrong in some of his diary recordings. That would be quite a scandal!

  6. Look around their site – there is much, much more than nostalgia.

  7. Id also want to donate but I wanted to know the purpose of this project. I hope you can list down the benefits that this voyage will give to the community, to our country, and to the people.

  8. Instead of donating money, is it OK if I just blog about it or advertise it? That way I can spread the word about this noble project.

  9. Sure, do what you can.