Friday Weird Sex Blogging – a cop-out again, and 15 minutes late…

I was in the middle of writing a serious review of a paper meant for Friday Weird Sex Blogging, when reading this paralized me (hopefully only transiently and I will finish it by next week).
So, when in trouble, I can always go back to Physics Of Sex and see if Buzz has someting new up. And he does.
Is the Select Comfort air mattress good for sex? To answer that question, a good scientist performs an experiment.
The Brownian motion of bar-hopping is something you need to know about if you are single and on the dating scene (thank FSM I am not, and hopefully never will have to be again).
And this book seems to be for the true connoisseur, though I am interested to know more details about the purported adaptive function of female orgasm. Ill just have to put it on my wish list for now, until I can afford to buy it.

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